Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

SuperFast® St. Joe Bay is a unique collection with durable UV coating and easy to install in any room- including bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. This collection is very ideal for commercial use, due to its easily cleanable surface and beautiful wood design.

Product Specifications


Board Thickness*: 3mm
Board Width*: 6”
Board Length*: 48"

* Nominal Dimensions


16 SQ. FT. Per Carton




Installation Tips

  • Exercise care when handling and transporting these products. Store, transport and handle the cartons in a manner to prevent any damage. Store cartons flat, never on edge.

  • Calculate the room surface prior to installation and plan an extra 5-10% of flooring for cutting waste.

  • In most cases, this product does not need to be acclimated. However, if the boxes of flooring were exposed over 2 hours to extreme temperatures under 50°F / 10°C or over 90°F / 32°C within the 12 hours before the installation, acclimation is required.

  • Flooring should only be installed in temperature ranges between 50-90°F / 10-32°C, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature before and during the installation.

  • For floor surfaces exceeding 6400 ft2 / 620 m2 and/or lengths exceeding 80 ft / 25 m, use expansion moldings.


Tools Needed


Spacers, rubber mallet, ruler, pencil, tape measure, utility knife, tapping block.



​Lifetime Residential / 10 Year Commercial Warranty
The durable SuperFast® Marina Rigid Vinyl Flooring has lifetime warranty against wear-through in residential applications, and 10 years under light commercial applications.


Lifetime Structural Warranty
SuperFast® Marina Rigid Vinyl Flooring is warranted against structural manufacturing defects for as long as you own your floor.

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