WaterProof Rigid Vinyl Tiles

SuperFast® Florence offers a rigid vinyl core option in our tile collection. It features stone texture with an easy installation process. The painted beveled edges enhance the look of realistic grout lines.

Product Specifications


Board Thickness*: 4mm
Board Width*: 12”
Board Length*: 24"

* Nominal Dimensions


19.38 SQ. FT. Per Carton





Installation Tips

  • Exercise care when handling and transporting these products. Store, transport and handle the cartons in a manner to prevent any damage. Store cartons flat, never on edge.

  • Calculate the room surface prior to installation and plan an extra 5-10% of flooring for cutting waste.

  • In most cases, this product does not need to be acclimated. However, if the boxes of flooring were exposed over 2 hours to extreme temperatures under 50°F / 10°C or over 90°F / 32°C within the 12 hours before the installation, acclimation is required.

  • Flooring should only be installed in temperature ranges between 50-90°F / 10-32°C, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature before and during the installation.

  • For floor surfaces exceeding 6400 ft2 / 620 m2 and/or lengths exceeding 80 ft / 25 m, use expansion moldings.


Tools Needed


Spacers, rubber mallet, ruler, pencil, tape measure, utility knife, tapping block.



​Lifetime Residential / 10 Year Commercial Warranty
The durable SuperFast® Marina Rigid Vinyl Flooring has lifetime warranty against wear-through in residential applications, and 10 years under light commercial applications.


Lifetime Structural Warranty
SuperFast® Marina Rigid Vinyl Flooring is warranted against structural manufacturing defects for as long as you own your floor.

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